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Safeloks Revelation in Program Management

14th June 2013

Safelok Components Ltd

Brief History:
Safelok Limited have been manufacturing for over 25 years and currently employ 35 people from their premises in Wigan, Lancashire. They are a Global supplier of Valves, Instrumentation and Tube Compression fittings for the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries as well as being a sub-contract precision machine shop.
The shopfloor comprising of 16 CNC Machines: CNC Lathes - CNC Twin-spindle, Twin Turret turning centres, CNC Single spindle Turning centres and CNC Sliding Head Lathes.

CIMCO Software Suite Licenced for:
Latest versions of CIMCO DNC-Max, CIMCO NC-Base, CIMCO EDIT Professional, CIMCO EDIT Standard and CIMCO CNC-Calc. (Installed May 2010 onwards)

Replacement of unsupported DNC and database:
J2com Ltd exported all the records from the previous database into CIMCO NC-Base (CNC Program Management System) as well as installing CIMCO DNC-Max to remotely communicate to all the CNC machines.

What the customer has to say...

David Timson - General Manager:
All the CNC programs that Safelok produce are performed off line using CAM SOFTWARE and CIMCO Edit which are both linked together, the programs are remotely requested by the Setters from the CNC control using CIMCO DNC-Max via the shop floor networked Port Servers.
This system has helped significantly towards reducing machine downtime, proven programs are now sent back from the CNC machines by the setters on a regular basis to ensure that the latest proven programs will always be used for that particular component. CIMCO Edit has become a very valuable tool for the off line programmer, as well as currently storing in excess of over 12,000 CNC programs, editing programs and component information is accurate and easy to do and the graphical backplotter in CIMCO Edit Professional has become a valuable tool when plotting tool paths.

Ian Mullen - Senior Engineering Production Manager:
Using the CIMCO Products every day has allowed us to explore the full potential of this very powerful and flexible software. Of all the software products we use, CIMCO is without doubt the most used and beneficial aid to program management. CIMCO Edit has many functions to name but a few, it can split up a Siemens or Fanuc program that has been stored as a single data stream into its separate program files. This will then sync all wait codes making program editing and problem solving more efficient. CIMCO Edit typically consists of using built in macros or by configuring your own we create fast and efficient new programs. The backplotting option will prove out toolpaths which we also use to prove any post processed programs from our third party CAM SOFTWARE.
We have over 12,000 programs directly linked to 16 Fanuc and Siemens controlled CNC machines via CIMCO DNC-Max. This allows each machine to remotely call any program to the machine without the need to leave the machine. Also this allows us to remotely send a program from the CNC machine to be saved as a fully proven NC copy if required. To find a program from any Pc station is just a matter of typing in only part of the information if that's all you have into one or a number of fields of your choice for cross reference. This will then bring up a match relating to your input which for us is an invaluable tool for easy fast and efficient program retrieval.

We have argued for awhile now that CIMCO software suite is the best for DNC and NC Program Management. The above speaks for it!