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J2com Ltd acquires customer base from CNC Connect

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

J2com Ltd announces the takeover of CIMCO Sales and Support for customers of CNC Connect. CNC Connect distributes and installs a range of CIMCO Integration products to engineering companies in the UK and overseas.

Based in Tring in Hertfordshire, CNC Connect has been an established company since 1997. John Armitage the owner of CNC Connect has been working in the industry for over 25 years and carries a wealth of knowledge in CAD/CAM and CIM related products. John will be helping J2com Ltd with some customer support issues as well as some installations.

Working with these new customers is paramount to giving them the best Shopfloor Turnkey Solutions with the best world beating CIMCO products. J2com Ltd will be contacting all CNC Connect customers in the coming weeks to update customer records. J2com Ltd will offer CIMCO upgrades and maintenance on your present CIMCO software packages and information on new emerging CIMCO products.