J2COM Limited: Certified CIMCO Software Solution Provider

Date: Monday 25th February 2019.

If you haven't visited the CIMCO website recently and viewed the reseller listing, you will notice now a change. CIMCO A/S has created a new Solution Provider Network.

CIMCO has defined "Solution Providers" as experts at delivering turn-key solutions to the production value chain of all CIMCO customers. They have years of experience delivering and installing the full range of CIMCO products and provide the highest level of service, including product training, startup services, and ongoing support.

We are proud to announce that J2COM Limited is one of a small limited number of companies worldwide that has met CIMCO's strict criteria and will proudly be serving the demanding needs of the UK and other regional centres.

When searching for CIMCO dealers, customers around the globe will find more detailed information about the most qualified dealers, in the UK, customers will be greeted with our profile.

If you would like to discuss ways for improvements in your machine shop, networking machines, analysing machine monitoring data, CNC document management, machine simulation and a host of other solutions, contact your local Certified CIMCO Solution provider J2com limited.